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A project by Nancy Coy

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The Blessing Club’s (TBC) purpose is to help people find and follow Jesus. 

TBC is a mobile application that facilitates positive personal gratitude and inspires an encouragement-based member community. It embodies the practices of loving God and loving others with our words and actions in a “Christian cool” game-like environment. TBC serves as Christian gateway a) to daily blessing habits to positively influence our individual members and the TBC community overall and b) bridge to the larger Christian community. TBC enhances Kingdom-centered individual self-worth and an inspired blessing community through the daily touch and engagement on mobile devices.

Sparkly jewels are used to reward our members as they list their daily blessings and start their day on a positive note with gratitude. We are building an online community of women, all over the globe, to be the best they can be and be a Blessing to others and to give thanks. A guys version will soon follow. 

A daily, positive, motivating and encouraging scripture will be pushed to our members. When a member responds to the scripture, by clicking the move forward button, a beautiful pearl pops and falls into their online treasure chest. The member then moves forward by listing individual entries of what they are grateful for from the day before. Every time the member logs a blessing, the blessing changes into a beautiful gem and is sent to their online Treasure Chest. When our member blesses someone else, diamonds are collected and are deposited into their Treasure Chest. 

When a member has a prayer request, they have the option of requesting prayer from other members of our global community. Members can forward gems out of their treasure chest to the requesting member, notifying the requester that they are being thought of, or prayed for. When the requested member opens up his/her app, gems will pop all over, overflowing into their online treasure chest, indicating the various people that are praying and encouraging the requesting member. 

Members can list their own prayer requests privately too. When the request is answered, the request turns into a gem and falls into the member's online treasure chest.

A few highlights

The Blessing Club is built for both iPhone & Android 

The App will be tiered with three cost structures: a free version with ads and two Member only versions one for $3.99 or $4.99 per month with no ads, the ability to use more collected gems in the Facebook community and expanded content 

The $4.99 version allows a Member to participate in suggested philanthropy programs. The $1 of the $4.99 is a pass through. We are a for-profit company

Annual subscriptions will be available with financial incentives for paid advance purchases

Our members can upload pictures 

Our App is designed to meet the needs of women between the ages of 8-85 

Their device becomes a useful tool for daily encouragement and spiritual insight

We'll have a drop down that lists churches for members who are seeking a place to find and follow Jesus

When life happens, the Member can reflect on how much good is happening in their life, rather than focusing solely on the bad. We plan to have a reflection quarterly, in Phase 2

There is always a silver lining; sometimes we have to look

The Blessing Club provides a daily reminder of God’s goodness, even in challenging times

Our hope is that over time, the member will find that it is more blessed to give than to receive

Our app will help members focus on right practices by encouraging integrity and helpfulness in the workplace and positivity in the home

Our tagline: "You’re a Gem, at The Blessing Club." - You really are. 

Thank you for your support and generous gift, regardless of the amount. We're honored that you are standing with us and believe in our objectives.

The Blessing Club Team

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  • Nancy Coy     4 month ago

    Father, Bless these men and women as they join us in our quest to carry out your plan to BLESS the masses.  Bless the millions of women that will find and follow you through The Blessing Club. Those that know you, expand their walk and stretch them, Jesus. Help us make a dent in the overwhelming amount of teen suicide, help us stop one more woman from having to take a drink to cope with life, help us bridge the generational gaps of daughters, mothers, and grandmothers, and help us as we encourage woman of all ages to believe that in your eyes they are a gem. Help us be the light a dark world and encourage others through gratitude and being thankful for all you do for us on a daily basis. Protect us, Father, as we carry out your plan to reach millions and millions of women around the globe for your kingdom.

    In your precious and amazing name,


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