Destined To Love You

A project by Catrina Frison

Destined To Love You is a faith-based romantic comedy about a divorced couple that find love in an unconventional manner. It is the story of a family and their friends taking a journey towards forgiveness and reconciliation.

It is our goal to raise another $100,000 to start production in March 2018. 

First of all, we solicit your prayers for the next 45 days, as our team has many tasks to complete before "Day 1" of production. 

Secondly, we need your financial support. We must reach our funding goal to move forward and we must do so quickly.

Imagine going to the theater with your friends to see a movie that was made by YOUR contribution. How exciting!

You see, the number one goal is to encourage couples and families to seek God's guidance in every challenge. If you are a believer, you know that prayer changes everything. It is our prayer that more people walk the road of forgiveness and reconciliation in their relationships after seeing this film.

Will you help us share the gospel in this fun and creative way?

Please check out the rewards and see what works best for you! Feel free to post a prayer for our team, as we work to advance the Kingdom together!!


Catrina Frison

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  • Catrina Frison     7 month ago

    Father, we thank you in advance for every person who gives to this project. Bless them abundantly. Watch over their families. Open doors for them that no man can shut. Grace them with your tangible presence. Reveal yourself to them at a higher level. This we pray, in Jesus' name, AMEN!

  • Meet My Team

    6 month ago

    I have the absolute privilege of working with a couple that has many talents: Cameron and BJ Arnett. I met them a few years ago, when they interviewed me on Atlanta Live on  Channel 57. I had just released my book Entertaining the Godly Life and had a wonderful conversation with them, on and off camera. They have since become good friends and mentors. They will serve as producers and actors in DTLY.




    Camy "Cameron" Arnett is an award-winning actor in television, film and theater as well as a television and radio talk show host.

    Past film credits, to name a few, are "Marc Pease Experience", "Man's Best Friend", and the five Dove Award winning "Stand Your Ground". His past television credits include NBC's "Miami Vice", Fox's "Star Trek: The Next Generation",  ABC's "China Beach", "Doogie Howser MD",  and Tyler Perry's "Meet the Browns". His roles as Dr. Corso in the film "Badge of Faith", Derek Dallas in "Mission Improbable," and Pastor Barnes in the film "Adrenaline" of which he and his wife, BJ Arnett, are also associate producers, are among his most recent credits, which also include the movies "Champion" "Extraordinary" and "The Order Of Rights".

    Most recently, Cameron wrapped the production of "Mattie: The Discovery", a feature film which he produced, directed and starred in, and is now in the CAPS post production process.


    Camy "Cameron" Arnett is currently the CEO of Camy Arnett Production Studios (CAPS): a television, film and entertainment company, as well as the CEO of BYOBB Media/Records, an independent film and television portal and record label. He is also the producer and director of "Jesus Is My Booski", "BYOBB Blast" "It's Pivotal" and "BJA Today".

    As a speaker and host, Cameron demands your attention when he delivers a message to any audience and speaks with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom in many arenas, as business and social activism. As a mentor to new business owners, he provides a road map on taking them from start to the point of success. Cameron has facilitated and spoken at many events, churches, colleges, award shows, schools and more. He is also a regular host on WATC TV57 Atlanta Live Show in Atlanta, GA., as well as a producer and co-host of the nationally syndicated The Christian View (TCV). Currently, Cameron is also on the board of ICVM: International Christian Visual Media and GMS: Global Media Summit. 

    pictures from november2015(2) 609 (1).jpg


    A former NBC news anchor and entertainment/lifestyle reporter, Mrs.BJ Arnett is no stranger to the film and entertainment industry. As host for Georgia Public Television's Primetime, NBC 11Alive News, Camera-11, Noonday, Peachtree Morning and TV69 (the now CW). BJ is familiar with the world of investigative reporting as well. With her ever present warm and personal style, BJ has  hosted a long list of talk shows, "Peachtree Morning" "Soul of Atlanta" and "Beat of the City," "Community" and "BJ and Friends", in which she interviewed the likes of Lena Horne, The Judds, Danny Glover, Marie Osmond, Patti Labelle, Mrs. Rosalyn Carter, Ambassador Andrew Young, and many others. 

    Currently, she is host of "This Day with BJ Arnett" and "BJA Today" produced and directed by Camy Arnett Production Studios' Camy Arnett. 
    Past film credits include "Made in Heaven" and "Marc Pease Experience". Other film credits include "Adrenaline" and "Grantham Rose", in which she plays the daughter of Marla Gibbs who portrays Rose, of her favorite roles was playing DeAndria Keanna Kelly alongside her husband in the five time Dove Award winning "Stand Your Ground" and currently in post production, Mattie: The Discovery as the character Annie. 

    As a costumer, BJ was also head of Costuming for both Stand Your Ground and Mattie: The Discovery. She has served as Public Relations Director, VP of membership and now sits on the board of directors for WIFTA - Women In Film and Television Atlanta, and GMS: Global Media Summit. BJ and her husband, actor, director and producer, Cameron Arnett, are executive producers for the upcoming feature film Mattie: The Discovery. Mrs. Arnett is a professor in the fashion design and merchandising program at Clark Atlanta University. 

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    Anonymous     5 month ago

    I’m so excited about this work in progress and I know it will be amazing!

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    Go forth!

  • User
    Anonymous     6 month ago

    I’m pleased to sow into a life changing Christian based film. Many blessings unto you and your staff Mrs. Catrina Fraierson.

  • montier robert    6 month ago

    Hello, I'm MONTIER ROBERT; Private investor. I opted for the financing of projects to financially support all serious people with projects. Contact me if you need. Here is my mail:[email protected]

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    Anonymous     6 month ago

    Hi. Please stay encouraged. Excited & ready to see the movie! 😃

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    I love you, Trina and I’m soooo proud of you!! I’m looking forward to the release of Destined to Love You! You will remain in my prayers! Love, Regina Gail

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    Anonymous     6 month ago

    Success is Guaranteed.

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