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Hi, my name is Dan Beesley and I am a Christian YouTuber as well as a minister.

I want to engage with Christians to encourage them to become more intentional disciples of Christ. I will do this be looking at three different areas on my YouTube channel, these are:

Biblical Foundations
Personal Growth 
Missional Living

To be able to do this well and make the videos engaging I need to have more equipment. At the moment I am recording everything on my phone and I am using an old computer to edit the videos. This is doable in the short term but to grow the channel I need to invest in some new equipment.

This would include a laptop and software to edit videos on the go, a new camera, gimbal, lights, microphone, bag. This will enable me to be more creative in the videos and to engage more with people online.

I pray that many people will benefit from my teaching, interviews and show them how people are living out their Christian faith. I pray that this will inspire them to do the same and to bring many more people to Christ in the process.

I thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope that you can support this exciting ministry.

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