Cups - A Christian Allegory

A project by Jim Taylor

Cups is the story of us, the vessels that we are, in need of the filling of the new wine of Jesus, whether we realize it or not.  Accidentally kicked behind a water cooler, a paper cup falls into a world where paper cups act and move and live their lives. 

As Mr. Cup goes through this world, Christian truths unfold before him.  Through Mr. Cup's eyes, we see Scriptural truths unfold in the interactions of the citizens of the cup world.  There are sinners, saints, pharisees, forgiveness, rejection, anger and redemption.

Told without dialogue (music and sound effects only), Cups is designed to be broken into "bite-sized chunks" of story.  As a result, the film can be published a piece at a time, each segment standing on its own, but with all segments contributing to the whole.

It's my desire to create an entertaining film that's not only evangelistic, but also makes believers stop, think, and assess where they are in their walk with Christ.  With Cups, I hope to inspire every viewer to want to be filled to the brim with Jesus.

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  • Jim Taylor     8 month ago

    Lord, You are worthy of all of our praise and worship, and we give you thanks for all things.  All of our gifts are from your hands, and we have nothing that we have not received.  Please use the offerings of your children for Your glory, and please use them to plant and water seeds in those You're calling as Your children.  In Jesus name, I pray.  Amen.

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