CrossRoads Career Training Center, Institute for Driving Safety

A project by Brian Griffith

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In November 2016, the Lord gave me a vision to start a Christian school to teach people to become commercial drivers.  He showed me this school would be about helping people learn a new skill that would lead to a solid career.  He showed me that along the way we would help to heal wounded people, to restore their hope in humanity and to show them the love of Jesus.  He showed me that many of the people seeking this school would be in some form of life transition and be in need of encouragement.   My wife and myself and my best friend, with the leading of  God are working to bring this vision to manifestation.  At this point we feel we have been led to offer other Christians the opportunity of joining with us in faith and with their means, to bring this to pass.  We invite you to seek God, pray and consider if you are called to join with us.

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  • Brian Griffith     8 month ago

    Heavenly Father,  Thank you for your great and inspired vision. Lord, I ask that you bless all those who join with us in faith and/or with their mean,s 100 fold.  I thank you Father for sending them to our cause and for providing them with the faith and means to support it.  We seek to glorify you Jesus through this business and help those who come to us in need. 

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