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A project by brian finn

Area of Effect is a film and media company empowering a movement to build projects in film, youtube, television programming, as well as all aspects of social media in order to promote higher values, in these areas, and to counteract Hollywood’s ideology, vilifying conservative Christian’s, hence re-establishing and growing our moral compass, that we are truly one nation under God. 

These first donations will go to fund start up sizzle reels for

1 to 3 upcoming projects.  1. A miracle from God helps a preachers kid over come all odds 

to play professional baseball.

 2. An 11 year old girl survives an off road accident to walk/crawl 54 miles through harsh wilderness terrain.

3.  Four out of work stunt guys decide to take matters into their own hands only to find out God has a different plan for them. 


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    Film related volunteers excepted.

    Posted 11 month ago

    We will be needing everything from Extras to Editors.  Actors, painters, all types of props(specifically from the 50s and 60s. 

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