Awaken Your Warrior Spirit

A project by Marjorie Banks

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As a mother of five, I know first hand the struggles we women face with our own self worth. I had created a belief system that being fit was for those who had "more time" "less responsibilities" "more money". This mental state drove me to be overweight and out of shape. It was after a health scare that I experienced in 2007 that left me questioning "what is it that drives me to put my health needs last?" After my diagnosis coupled with my cardiologist's advice to "find a better way to handle life's stress", I joined a local gym and my passion for fitness was birthed! As I began to shed the pounds, but more importantly, as I began to feel better about everything in my life, I began to ponder how I could share this feeling of conquering our negative self talk and encourage others that they too can overcome! Fast forward 10 years later, and Iron FITT was born!! I am on a mission to impact people's lives by creating a space where they not only feel the effects of a great workout but to also feel supported and encouraged as they progress through their own personal fitness journey!

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  • Marjorie Banks     10 month ago

    Please pray with us!

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