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Hi there!

My name is Chris Concannon. Unfortunately, I don’t have any product or service to offer, well… other than myself. I’m simply throwing myself at the sheer mercy and grace of faithful believers to financially support me in ministry as our Lord hopefully weighs it on your hearts to do so. I just recently graduated college and am looking to take my first steps into a life of ministry and service to the Lord. I’m going to be serving in a year-long program called Generation LINK that specializes in making young adults into life-long disciple makers for Christ through formal theological education, intentional discipleship, and various ministry experience all while working within the context of the local church. Please allow me to share a bit of my personal testimony to give you more of an insight into how God is working in and through me!


I was raised in the Boston area in a family which I would describe as “nominally Catholic and yet functionally atheist”. Meaning; we went to a Catholic church once or twice a year, but never once opened the Bible together as a family, prayed together, or even really mentioned the name of Jesus in the house. God had absolutely nothing to do in my life (or so I thought). This rather Godless upbringing led to a life of chronic anxiety and depression that I attempted to suppress by alcohol and recreational drug use. These afflictions then carried over into the start of college where I nearly failed out of school and was placed on academic probation. It wasn’t until my junior year where a classmate preached the gospel to me after class one day where I broke down crying at the beauty of our Savior’s love for me on that cross. I surrendered my life to Christ two weeks later after sleepless nights counting the cost and replaying what I had just heard in my mind. I knew this was nothing short of a complete life makeover that I was getting myself into.


 I was given a new heart of flesh and had my old heart of stone removed from me. For the first time in my life, I was loving what I once hated and hating what I once loved. A miracle had been performed in me! From there, the Lord grew me a lot in a short amount of time and I even became my campus’ Christian club president throughout my entire senior year. I was also able to get connected with a wonderful loving and biblical church back home in the Boston area called Redemption Hill. I have really come into my own there as a believer and in my senior year at school the Pastors told me about applying to be the church intern through the Generation LINK program. As I went through the application process and continued to meet with the Pastors, I sensed that this was God’s calling in my life and so when they finally extended the job offer, I joyfully accepted.

Since graduating college, I have been working full time as a mailman for the Post Office learning the value of near back-breaking work. Currently, I’m preparing to start my internship by connecting with individuals in order to raise funds so that I can live in Boston for a year to be better connected with my church family. Being fully-funded will allow me to focus on the various ministerial tasks I’ll be assigned as I make the name of Christ known to those in the Boston area who have yet to experience His loving grace and to disciple those who already have come into that saving relationship with Him. I have a specific support goal of 30,000 dollars which averages out to 2,700 for a monthly goal. The Lord has been faithful to raise up supporters already, but as of now, I have a rather large amount to go.


My parents are very confused with what I am looking to do in life and don’t understand my trust in the Lord to step out in faith for something as uncertain as this. I know that if the Lord wants to use me in ministry and if this is the first step in doing so then He most certainly will supply the means to accomplish that end. I have to admit though, I have been getting a bit down about all this. Raising funds in the Boston area has proven to be especially difficult. Boston is 98% unchurched in terms of Bible-preaching evangelical churches so finding someone who shares that desire to see Christ’s name known among the nations is far and few to come by. I'm asking that you would please pray about this and ask if it’s something that the Lord would have you support by financially partnering with me in ministry.  


Please contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions about anything at all! Your support will be a tremendous blessing to me! You’ll be receiving monthly newsletters for updates on how your donations have been allowing me to accomplish Christ’s work in the city of Boston. Also, check out for more info as well.

Thank you and God bless!


Under His grace,


Chris Concannon

PS: Also feel free to friend me on Facebook to see more about who I am!

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  • Charles Zonde     10 month ago

    May God truly favor both with him and humanity and fulfil your heart's desires and his purpose be accomplished in your life. 

  • Chris Concannon     10 month ago


    Thank you for your grace in saving my soul for an eternity of fellowship with you through the shedding of your Son's blood upon the cross. Thank you for His obedience and love displayed through His grace and mercy towards me in that when I was still a sinner, Christ died for me. Thank you for all that I have in life and thank you for all that you will provide for me through your grace. 

    I pray that you would raise up a team of supporters who see you working in my life that would be gracious and kind to support me in this ministry experience I'll be starting soon. Help me to give more and more of my life for you in response to the giving of your own Son's life for the sake of His people. I love you Lord. Thank you. Amen. 

    • Carl Teichrib

    • 2017-07-31 10:36:31 -0700

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