Operation Liberate Expands to Rescue More Trafficking Victims

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Operation Liberate Expands to Rescue More Trafficking Victims

Operation Liberate employs licensed private investigators to identify and locate trafficking victims, and works to rescue them through partnerships with law enforcement and direct outreach efforts.

Some of Our Stories


Beautiful Mary was abused by her father from an early age.  As she grew older, her brokenness led her to be  sucked into the porn industry . She had given up hope of ever being valued. Once Operation Liberate's investigative team discovered her existence and identity, our Outreach Team began working to reach her.  Because of our efforts, Mary is now free of "the life" and entered a long term aftercare program to receive healing.


A South Carolina mother sold her 16 year-old daughter, Kelly, into sex slavery to settle a drug debt. Kelly's grandmother was desperate to find her, but law enforcement said Kelly was just a runaway, and they wouldn’t look into it. Operation Liberate was contacted and within two weeks, we found Kelly and contacted law enforcement with her location. She was returned to her grandmother, and her trafficker was arrested.


In Cobb County, outside Atlanta, Tammy had been sold for so many years she had given up hope on ever being saved. She thought she wasn’t worth saving. One of the Operation Liberate Street Teams went to her hotel one Saturday and found her.

We gave her breakfast, prayed with her, counseled her. Later, she said  that because our team came to her and prayed with her, she rediscovered her self-worth and decided to get help. She left prostitution two years ago and hasn’t returned!

We can rescue more victims with your help! Will you give so we can rescue more girls from hopelessness and exploitation?

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  • Operation Liberate     11 month ago

    Father, please transform our society and free many more women and children from sexual slavery!

    Join the OL Prayer Team

    Posted 11 month ago

    Operation Liberate does have a robust Prayer Team of several hundred people already, but we are looking for more!

    We have seen God move repeatedly to help us supernaturally in finding victims and freeing them, and we know that our Prayer Team is the primary force behind that wonderful move of God!

    Won't you join our Prayer Team today and join one of God's efforts to free victims?

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    Join an OL Street Team

    Posted 11 month ago

    Operation Liberate Street Teams go door to door in neighborhoods known to be where sex trafficking victims are living and offer breakfast and prayer and other resources.

    Participating on the teams is easy, fun, and very safe. We currently have teams working in Bartow, Cobb, Gwinnett, and Hall Counties.

    We are looking for more volunteers to expand these teams to more counties and more neighborhoods! Join today!

    0 of 40 pledges have been made for this volunteer request
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