Coffee and Karaoke

A project by Julia Schreiber


Many years ago, we sponsored missionaries in a creative access area who opened a cafe with open mic nights to reach their assigned community.  I am following their lead with a coffee shop.  My pastor says that we can't expect the lost to walk in the doors of the church.  We have to go to them.  A coffee shop provides a relaxed atmosphere for conversation.  People begin to open up when they see the same face frequently.  Karaoke not only creates a fun option to relax people, but can also provide a performance experience for young singers and musicians outside the bar scene.

The Lord led my sister and I to this idea several months ago.  I am an accountant.  My sister does have food service experience and bulk food purchasing experience.  However, we really needed the support of my daughter. My daughter was living in Dallas.  She is HCC Culinary school trained, a former Starbucks Coffee Master, trainer and shift supervisor, a former waitress/barista/etc at a cafe.  She was coaching us from Dallas, but has now moved back in with me.  She will be our partner.   Our knowledge and skills were placed together by God for His use.

We are currently looking at a space in old town Katy, TX near the historic sites.  The space was previously a pizzeria and has some kitchen equipment available.  We need funds to purchase a stove/oven, pots and pans, the espresso and coffee equipment, the furnishings, the beginning inventory, the initial rent and utility deposits, and the permits and licenses.  Any contribution would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Julia Schreiber     11 month ago


    You are the Holy One of Heaven; the Great I Am.  You are magnificent and mighty.  You control the universe and everything in it.  Yet still you choose to love each of us individually.  Your sacrifice for us is difficult to fully comprehend.  Help us to love others as you have loved us no matter what is going on around us.  Let us never forget that we are seeking your kingdom first and serving as your witnesses to the people for whom you have made such a great sacrifice.  Send us mighty help in accordance with your will.  I ask by your authority Lord.  Amen.

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