Per Ardua Ad Astra : Through adversity to the stars

A project by Joseph Kim

Our GMI missionaries are planning to build a pre-school and a primary school inside of Grace Ministries International compound for the Kenyan children.

The donation will be used to purchase various construction materials and to hire Kenyan construction workers.

With our Kenyan workers and missionaries as a supervisor, the construction will be likely to be finished within one year.

Once the school is built, the Kenyan children will be taught according to the teachings of Bible and grow up to be faithful Christians as they learn about Jesus Christ.

Though they may live in a life of full of struggles, they eventually reach to our bright star that is our God, who so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

My Background :) 

During my high school year, I applied for an assistant caretaker volunteer position at the Anaheim Crest Nursing Center only to fulfill volunteer hour requirement for one of my classes. And, I expected to be treated exploitatively by the staff and the patient because I thought ‘I am just a mere volunteer'. Surprisingly, many of disabled elders welcomed my presence with the words of appreciation, and my presence created an uplifting atmosphere and the cheerful mood among elders. After few months of joyful and pleasing volunteering experience, I determined to become a healthcare provider. With a hopeful expectation to find a perfect medical profession, I joined the Clinical Care Extender program, an internship that offers clinical patient care experience through both patient contact and volunteer involvement in a different department of the hospital.  To hasten a process to find a right medical job, I eagerly participated in the Rehabilitation Shadowing program to observe the physical therapist and occupational therapist and in Palliative Care Program to observe the sociological aspects of the medical field. In addition, I have shadowed many healthcare providers, such as a pharmacist, physician assistant,  and a nurse, but I was unsuccessful in finding a one that I am passionately interested in becoming.  Despite the disappointment in finding my passion, I learned the numerous life lesson by listening to the patients' life histories.  I felt blessed for a fact that I relieved their pain just by listening to their story and by holding their hands with a sincere heart. Truly, I enjoyed the conversation with many patients who had no one to talk, and I felt grateful for that I could console them simply by listening.  The advice and valuable experience that I acquired through the Clinical Care Extender program further motivated me to become a healer. Soon after, I joined the military and I  learned how the nutrient affects the health of a patient and the progression of disease and injuries. During my army training, I and many other trainees underwent the many physically demanding training, such as long-distance march, strenuous running, and frequent march in military boots. Thus, many trainees experienced a foot and ankle injuries, and I realized how fragile the feet are. Throughout the duration of training, I had a chance to see the military podiatrist in the military hospital that located in Fort Sam Houston. I mesmerized by the instant gratifying relief of soldiers, and my motivation for becoming podiatrist sparkled. As I was working as Emergency Medical Technician, I had an opportunity to ask about the field of podiatry. As I shadowed Dr. Recalde, I learned that podiatrist is the most knowledgeable and skilled expert of feet in the medical field.  Also, the podiatrist is able to perform the simplest procedure, such as toenail trimming, to one of the most complicated surgeries of the feet, such as an ankle replacement. Becoming a dermatologist, neurologist, and orthopedist of one of the most important component of the body who sees through the "mirror of systemic disease" will be truly rewarding. Becoming podiatrist would allow me to faithfully serve my family as a devoted husband, a community as a compassionate doctor, a country as a loyal soldier and God as faithful Christian.

I am an incoming student, at Western University College of Podiatric Medicine – Class of 2021. As a become a podiatrist, a foot doctor, I will be working with all my heart as I walk with God and give all glory to God for his work. 

My vision is to establish medical clinics and a  hospital where Christian missionaries and their families can receive free medical care and sends a medical mission team to third world country for sake of God's kingdom and to spread the gospel and build a factory that manufactures strawberry jam for the mission. My passion is to help the people in need through the provision and medical care as I become a podiatrist.

I also dream to build apartments where the retired Christian missionaries can live and establish a scholarship foundation that supports the youth financially in going to the mission field. 

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