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This project is about going to Haiti and lending a hand in the rebuilding of the housing needed to shelter the recently orphaned children and also to fill the with the spirit of God while boosting their own moral and self-worth through education, song, and praise.

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  • Walter Franks     over 1 year ago

    Dear Lord,

    We ask your blessing over this cause and the hearts of all that can make it happen.  You have paved the way and placed it on my heart to be the greatest miracle that I can be to people that are far from where I rise and sleep.  I want to give to them the comforts of life that I so graciously take for granted on a daily basis.  Allow me to be a source of light for these wayward souls.  I speak to you humbly and with a whole heart.  Thank You, Lord.  In your most holy name I pray, Amen.

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