Digital Darkness: How to protect children from Satanists on the Internet.

A project by Kevin Ambrose

WARNING: Video contains graphic depictions of Satanic rituals. Viewer discretion is advised.

Satanism is real. Right now there are dozens of Satanic organizations operating online, many of which are recruiting children. This book teaches you how to  protect your children and loved one's from Satanic propaganda and influence on the internet.

I've dedicated twenty years to researching these cults and I've seen the damage they can cause up close. In the pages of Digital Darkness I will cover the following topics:

  • A brief history of Satanism and it's prominent organizations.
  • How the Internet has become the preferred method of recruitment for Satanic movements.
  • Understanding the difference between Modern and Theistic Satanism.
  • How Satanists use ceremonial rituals and the risks associated with "magic".
  • The psychological appeal of the occult and how its modeled to attract the young and vulnerable.
  • The truth about Satanic ritual abuse.
  • How to identify warning signs that someone is dabbling in the occult.
  • How to speak with someone who may be interested in or susceptible to Satanic propaganda.
  • The role the media and entertainment plays in furthering the Satanic agenda.
  • Technological solutions to protect your loved one's online.
  • Much more.

The influence of Satanism online has never been more prominent. Just last week a collective of Satanists and Witches banded together to encourage a global ritual to "bind" President Donald Trump with a magical curse. Through my organization I led a day of prayer in response which you can read about here: Witches Plot Global Spell Against Trump. - NYPost. The half-mocking, half-amused response from the majority of the media (as highlighted here and here) only cemented my view that it was time for this project. If they will not take this threat seriously then we must.

Through Digital Darkness it is my hope to give you a resource to understand the truth about these cults and the tricks they use to indoctrinate new followers. We go to great lengths to protect our young from pornography and sexual predators on the internet. It is time we treat Satanism as a similar risk . Digital Darkness: How to Protect Children from Satanism on the Internet will empower you to do just that.

We are actively engaged in a war for the soul of America. Please help us defend our faith by supporting this project.

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