A workshop for Wanson, the stonemason

A project by regine mfoumou

In 2015, I discovered a city called Gonaives (Haiti) where I met a group of young people gathering every Sunday afternoon to discuss their lives and see how they can see things changed in their community. Being a missionary, I returned there in August 2016 and met a young man called Wanson who works with stones to create great works of arts (jewels, decorative items for home, etc.). In December 2016, I spent 3 hours with him to try and see what he does, he does and I was moved by the determination of this young person who hopes to get more education to know his art. Since then, I have decided to raise funds on his behalf to help build a proper workshop and also to acquire equipment allowing him to work in better conditions and also allow him to go to a school or a university to learn about his art. 

So far, through Club Rhema, we have planned to have Wanson teach his art in a summer camp holiday next summer and we are also trying to have him craft lots of items for an exhibition in Gonaives in the summer.

We will ensure all donors are kept updated with the progress of Wanson's work and receive an item crafted by Wanson himself if we have your details to be able to send it by the end of the summer 2017.
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  • regine mfoumou     over 1 year ago

    Father God,

    We pray that you touch someone's heart to provide for your son to develop the talent and art you have given him for the glory of your holy name. Give Wanson a testimony of your mighty hand at work to help him become the man you have planned him to be and become someone you can count on in his community. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen

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    Anonymous     over 1 year ago

    If this of God, we should help.

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