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A project by Edwin Jaqua

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We believe that Jesus will return to Earth soon.  When he does, he'll take all true Christians with him to Heaven, but many will be left behind on Earth.  We don't want them to be clueless about what happened and why.  So we will create devices that will allow Christians to have a video playing for those left behind to see after they're gone.  The first product is Gabriel TV, a small device, the size of a ChromeCast, that will plug into your TV and will play a video on your TV if you're not there to reset it.  The video will say what happened, why it happened, what's coming next and what to do about it all (give your life to Jesus before its too late).  We're researching other product options more suited to use in workplaces.

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  • Edwin Jaqua     over 1 year ago

    Holy, eternal and sovereign God, I rejoice in your love, wisdom, justice and goodness.  I celebrate that from the moment Adam and Eve sinned, you planned to send Jesus among us to die to pay the price for our sins so that we would be allowed to go Heaven when we die, if we believe in Jesus and give our lives to him.  I'm grateful that you also planned to send Jesus back to Earth when the time was right to take all true Christians to Heaven at one time.  I'm excited that that time is coming soon!  But Lord, when that happens, many will be left behind on Earth, clueless about what's happened, why and what to do about it.  Thank you that you've inspired the creation of this company to give those left behind the information they'll so desperately need.  Thank you for helping me to define the details of the products and to develop viable specifications with the engineers.  Now take this project the rest of the way, Lord, through design, packaging, manufacture and global sales.  I trust you to do that in your way and in your time.  Please help many to hear of this project and support it.  Please bless all who contribute, through prayer or donation or both.  I hereby reaffirm my commitment to serve you however, whenever and wherever you want me to.  Father, please help the presence of this company, its products and the number of people who support it touch many hearts so they believe in you and your son Jesus and give their lives to you even before Jesus returns.  In faith and gratitude and trust, in Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

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    Anonymous     over 1 year ago

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