Help us to make Play-dough more fun for children

A project by Tim Wells

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Help us to make Play-dough more fun for children

Seeking partners to manufacture the Play-Dough Pocket Apron.  Our product protects children from messes while storing and holding a wide range of play-dough tools for enhanced playtime. This innovative product may comprise a children’s apron, made from easily washable fabric, cotton, plastic, vinyl, or other suitable material. The apron can have a loop that goes around the neck and a tie string that wraps around the waist, as well as approximately four pockets of different shapes and sizes stitched to the front. Loops with snaps or hook-and-loop fasteners can also be stitched to the apron. Both the pockets and loops can be used to hold the tools found in the accompanying toolkit, including a rolling pin, a pair of scissors, a cutter wheel, cookie cutters, and jars of play-dough. The tools can be made from plastic or wood.

After use, the apron can keep the entire tool kit together for storage and travel. This product is ideal for parents, childcare providers, and schoolteachers seeking to maximize the quality of a child’s playtime with quick and independent steps for children to start and finish activities.

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  • Tim Wells     over 1 year ago

    Jesus make yourself known to them, that the love you have for me may also be in them.

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    • 2017-01-26 19:27:23 -0800

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