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Inspire - Empower - Support    Be the change you want to happen
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I live in a city with the 7th highest suicide rate in the nation. My heart goes out to all the children in my community falling by the waste side due to lack of support, mentoring, inspiration and faith. Half of these kids don't want anything to do with faith because the very people who claim to be christian are their abusers. It breaks my heart to see children suffer under violence and neglect. Youth are crying out for help and because they haven't been taught a better way they resort to violence against other or themselves, hide the pain behind drugs and grow bitter and isolated from the world. So many people are trying to fix the symptom. They lock them away, medicate and silence the hurting. I have been a part of it and God has healed me beyond where I ever thought I could mend and placed a burning passion in my heart for the youth around me. I have created a business where we try to provide as much support as possible. Unlike your average riding school. We don't focus on riding skills but instead on life skills and use horses to help teach and connect with youth. We focus on healthy communication, confidence, patience, emotion regulation, mental and physical endurance, strong work ethic, responsibility and empowerment. We want to give students hope and by hope we believe this is found in faith in Jesus Christ. We are using horses to heal and find themselves and in turn find who God wants them to be. Horses are not only therapeutic but  also mirror your emotions at such a high state that give so much insight into yourself that you might have other wise missed. They also teach you control, respect and friendship. Our facility also provides a safe social environment where students can be excepted and supported and find other friends that they can learn and grow in faith with.  We want everyone to feel excepted and special. We also strive to support those who are strong in their faith and continue to nurture their love for God and help them pass it on to others. Though we use horses in a lot of our programs we provide other services to help youth express themselves and explore the gifts God gave them such as music, art, dance, singing, volunteer work and ministry opportunities. We pray to reach as many youth as God allows and are blessed for every life we are allowed to be a part of.

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    Christian Mentor/ Instructor

    Posted over 1 year ago

    If you love God and have a heart for youth then we'd love to hear from you. Horse experience is encouraged but not required. If you have wanted to mentor, teach, support and give youth a place to re invent themselves then this might be a great place for you to start.

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