Reaching a Generation in South Africa with Centershot

A project by Clay Hess

Greetings in Christ’s name!

This summer (June 25th - July 8th, 2017), a team of thirteen will have an exciting opportunity to serve the Lord in South Africa through the work of Centershot Ministries (CsM) and Reaching a Generation (RaG). I am blessed to be a part of this group!


Our ministry during this trip will be in various public and private schools within South Africa. Our team will lead day-long programs, with Centershot Ministries, games and the Gospel message. Upon arrival, we will go through orientation and training. The next eight (8) days we will travel to schools; aiding the establishment of Centershot Ministries in each of the schools allowing long-term discipling of the children in their walk with the Lord. Throughout the entire program the Gospel will be infused.


Centershot Ministries (CsM) is a non-denominational outreach program that shares the Gospel of Jesus using archery. CsM does this by partnering and equipping the local church to use this amazing tool to reach the community around it for Christ.

Ways to Help

·         Prayer:  for travel time, the ministry, good health and for the entire team. Pray for safety and that God will use our team to serve the kids, and be used of God to show them the love of Christ.

·         Financial:  The total cost of the trip for the team is $45,500, for which each team member is responsible to raise their portion.  I am only asking for my portion. Please join me in praying that my trip expenses will be provided.

Note: If I get above and beyond what I need to pay my way, I will donate the surplus to the others going on the trip and to the ministry itself.

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  • Clay Hess     over 1 year ago


    I ask that you protect and prepare our team. I ask that you prepare us spiritually, draw us near to you and protect us from spiritual warfare. Use each of our gifts individually and our team collectively to make a difference for the kingdom! I ask this in the name of your precious Son, Jesus! Amean!

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