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Our trusted platform facilitates funding to a wide range of projects whether they hit their goal or not. Remember its Free to use FaithLauncher.

1. Create A Project

Create a crowdfunding page in three easy steps. Some have done it in 5 minutes with their project details and video ready to go.

2. Rally the Crowd

Make your social community aware of your launch as far in advance as possible. Have a list of committed Day 1 givers ready to go!

3. Get Coaching

Not everyone needs it, but if you get lost in the woods, feel free to email us and we’ll help you get your campaign up and running.

4. Promote

Be active! Your project will not fund itself. It needs you to love it every day or it will die. Keep spreading the word with passion!

Ready to Launch

Cost Detail


Launching a project is FREE. It is the same FREE you and I are thinking about. We Do Not charge you a Fee.


Projects can benefit from Free Crowdfunding Coaching. We want you to succeed so if you need the extra help we'll review your project carefully, and provide you detailed recommendations on how best to structure and market your campaign.


We believe in giving freely and with a cheerful heart. From any donations that are given to directly to support FaithLauncher (so we can continue making our platform FREE to use) we give back to causes, projects and to missionaries around the world.

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Need Funding Sooner to Launch or Grow Your Business

Do you need between $50,000 to $250,000, within the next 2 to 3 weeks?

We understand that start up businesses will need to diversify their funding strategy and consider all options including crowdfunding. Fortunately, through FaithLauncher's exclusive partnership with Christian Angel Investors we can now offer Christian businesses a funding program to supplement their strategy called: "Fund & Go".
Here are the benefits:

  • No need to offer Company Equity to Angel Investors;
  • No business plan or collateral is needed;
  • No Upfront Fees;
  • Quick approval – usually within 24 hours;
  • Quick turn-around – money is usually received, within 2 to 3 weeks
  • No need to use your home or other property for collateral, as you could lose it
  • No need to use your 401k/IRA, as that is your future nest egg or your children’s college education!
  • Don't let investors take too much equity, for too little cash!
This program is sponsored by over 150 US banks, most of which are household names. They include: Wells Fargo; Bank of America; Chase Manhattan; American Express; CitiBank; USAA; etc.  As of May 2016 $1,729,000 of funding has been made available through this program. 

Find out if you qualify (for US citizens only)

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