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We’re different. The funds you raise are yours to move forward whether you hit your funding goal or not. We think your time and efforts are valuable.


FaithLauncher’s community increases daily through our social media activity and other crowdfunding campaigns. Use your project page to invite our community and yours to pray.


FaithLauncher attracts Faith Doers who are looking to offer their time, services, resources, and more to projects that resonate with them. Invite them to participate with your project.


You can track donations and referrals to your project through a referral link on your campaign page. Monitor your effectiveness, see who is helping you, and increase your momentum.


As the leader in faith-based crowdfunding, we promote numerous Christian social media sites that represent thousands of viewers. Make sure you stand out in the crowd.

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Stay connected with the latest tips, news and best projects coming out of the Kingdom. Don't worry, no spamming allowed; we don't like it either.

You can get inspired by what others are doing. We make it easy to browse through projects and to contribute quickly and safely. Explore and start supporting someone's project by contributing, praying, spreading the word, and/or offering to help out. Ready to explore – now’s your chance!

Anyone with a faith based project can create a funding project to raise money quickly and securely. Remember, this is not just about raising funds, but about engaging supporters, resources, and building an online community. No more wishful thinking! Become a Faithdoer by submitting your first project.

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