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A project by Nik Catello

Hi my name is Nik Catello and along with the rest of the production members we represent Hollywood Sunset Pictures. Our goal is to produce Faith based main stream films. This is something that is needed in the Christian entertainment Industry.

We would like to invite you on the journey with us. One that is really important in getting the WORD out Worldwide! Our goal is to produce Faith based studio type films on an Indie Budget! We are starting production on our Action Adventure 3-D western called Forgiven. We will be shooting on the new Red Epic Scarlet Camera, which gives a deeper richer tone. Along with a depth of 3-D that is unmatched!


This is a western action/adventure in the spirit of the spaghetti western. A cross between the good the bad and the ugly & Zorro; its going to be awesome!  

An intriguing mysterious STRANGER (Like an avenging Angel) is called upon as a gun for hire to save a small town called Forgiven!

The small town Sheriff has been driven out of Forgiven by a band of outlaws who preys on small towns taking over to rape pillage! When the Stranger accepts the Sheriffs offer and heads to Forgiven he finds the Devilish Blackie Wade who has stepped in as Sheriff. The Stranger not wasting any time with almost miraculous power takes back the town, and just as he Mysteriously arrived he is gone.


We would love your participation because we need more Christian mainstream films in the entertainment Industry. All of us need to get behind and support this in every way we can along with your prayers; which can do by clicking on the Pray It button below.

The reality is that there are Christian films but to far and few are in the main stream. There is nothing wrong with making Faith films for the faithful BUT we ALSO need to get the WORD out to the World using mass Media. That’s the heart behind this project!

These funds will be used for pre-production getting the cast and prepping the film. We want to start pre-production with a BANG!

GOD Bless....


For any contribution you’ll get a signed forgiven poster

How about a chance to meet the crew and hey we'll even buy you lunch! 

Check the rest of the awesome perks to the left



1) Your donations are going to go along way but we need to create a crowd.  Give what you can and help by sharing this with your friends and family. You can use the button above to Facebook, Tweet and much more.

2) Take a look at our Help Request Tab. We are also looking for Volunteers. Anyone with skills and equipment:   Like Editing, music, special effects, etc.

3) For any questions on this campaign feel free to add it to the comments tab and/or email  Nik Catello directly at:[email protected]















As we all know funds are need to produce films and we ask for your prayers for our project Not only for our Faithlauncher campaign which is the start of funding but for complete funding( which is 6 mil. from Pre to Post!) Thanks so much
God Bless always

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    Need Volunteers

    Posted more than 5 years ago
    Okay, since we are operating and trying to get things started on an indie project we need as many volunteers as possible. If you have any of these skills and/or equipment listed below please click on the button below and we'll get in touch. We hope work with us on this project will be a blessing to you as well. EDITORS are needed. If you have equipment we love you!! DIGITAL SFX Artists needed. If you have equipment please accept this pledge!
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