The DROP Project

A project by Ben Lippens

Would you donate a $1 so someone could hear the Gospel? #DROPCD #Evangelism #hiphop

Music is undeniably a powerful tool. The impact of music shapes our culture and for many people, it becomes a part of a life changing event. Because we are recipients and witnesses to its profound reach, we felt led to organize a free project that uses the genre of hip-hop to communicate the story of God and how we fit into his plan. We call it the DROP Project - Just 'DROP' the project into someone's hands!

On August 2nd, 2011, released its first DROP CD project. It received a warm welcome and has since been distributed both physically and digitally over 12,500 times across the world. Now on its sophomore album, Holy Culture presents a similar album, but it will include a more intentional storyline with some of today’s most talented artists. You'll hear the sounds of Levi the Poet, The Ambassador, Social Club, Sean Slaughter and more!

The new project will also include a Biblical curriculum which mirrors the album and other resources such as music videosdevotionals and more. These resources are an excellent way for Churches, organizations and individuals to provide Biblical truths in a real and relevant way. The completed DROP CD will be released in April of 2014, but until then you can catch a new free track every three weeks at!

Digging this t-shirt? If you're one of the first 20 people who donate $40 or more, you'll get one as our THANK YOU for your gift.

*Mock-Up. Final design may have slight variations. (US ONLY)


Leave your story. Has music touched you? Would you share music with someone else as a form of evangelism?

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  • Ben Lippens    more than 3 years ago

    Holy Culture wants to thank those who have supported the DROP Project thus far…

    Ben Lippens
    Tiffany Orr
    James Rosseau
    Jeremiah George
    Paula Wilson
    Susan Shearer & Christopher Shawn Shaw

    We’re so grateful for you and your gifts of support and prayer!

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