Doonby The Movie - One Life Does Matter

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Doonby is a modern tale of intrigue with a profound message throughout featuring a mysterious, drifter (Sam Doonby), who quickly becomes the talk of a small town.


Dear Friends,

Mike Mackenzie here. I’m one of the Producers of the film, doonby.  This soon to be released movie was directed, written, and produced by my father Peter Mackenzie. It took 15 years to write, so we are very excited to have finally completed the film and will officially release it on November 1st.


Doonby’s story travels through deeply guarded secrets shrouded in time, deception, beauty, and the darkest challenges people face. There is no doubt that doonby’s suspenseful plot will put you at the edge of your seats.


Sam seems to always be in the right place at the right time to prevent disasters from happening in the town. Before long, jealousy and suspicion drive the townspeople to question his sudden arrival and motives. An intense exchange between Laura Reaper (Jenn Gotzon) and Doonby (John Schneider) changes everything. And that's more insider info than we're at liberty to tell you!





This movie is so important because it puts a spotlight on some very significant social issues and some that are not typically explored in cinema today. It’s uncomfortable to watch at times. The characters expose questions that need to be asked. Most people can either relate to them or have something in common with them through a family member, significant other, friend, or co-worker.


We get asked all the time, “So who is Sam Doonby?” We want you to watch the film, come back, and tell us who you think he is. Everyone who sees the film has their own distinct perspective that sparks insightful conversations about the powerful message transpiring throughout the movie: One Life Does Matter.





The movie is completely finished!! We are currently positioned to execute an independent release in 20 American cities, but we don’t want to stop there! This is where YOU come in. Our goal is to have doonby playing  in as many mainstream theatres as possible. We’re certain we can achieve this with your help. We also want doonby’s powerful message, “One Life Does Matter,” to reach audiences everywhere.



BLUE = Premier Screening     RED = Regular Screening


This takes major word spreading and resources and our limited budget doesn't take us as far as we’re committed to going. Your contribution will go directly into the theatrical distribution of this film, including the costs of a trailer, prints of the film, shipping materials, local and national publicity, some travel for outreach, and community screenings in the cities that get added.




A terrific group of seasoned actors brought the story in this film to life.






There is a tremondous amout of people who are supporting this project. We've listed a few below but there are so many more...



The List Continues Here:




Many of these rewards are exclusive to this campaign and/or have limited availability (offered during this campaign only) thanks to our amazing partners!! We have a total of 14 different rewards that only you have a shot at getting! A few are highlighted below but take a look at the full list to the left.











BE A PART OF THE CAST (Your own digital copy of the doonby poster will have your picture integrated amongst the other cast members!! )



YOUR OWN SIGNED COPY OF ABBY JOHNSON’s BOOK (The true story of a former Planned Parenthood leader’s courageous choice in favor of life)



SIGNED ALBUM FROM CHRISTIAN ARTIST CAITLIN JANE (featuring the single, “Unborn,” her most popular song to date)



FINE ART!  - Receive a 24 x 14 copy of the “Before I Formed You in the Womb” print by Ron DiCianni (who is regarded as one of the leading Christian fine artists of our time)




WE WANT TO MEET YOU AT THE RED CARPET (Limited quantity: you and special someone will have a chance to be at one of our three Premiers where you'll get to mingle with the cast!)







Support us with a donation (no amount is too small). We want you to join us as we knock this goal out-of-park and together use this viral medium of influence to bring awareness that One Life Does Matter.


We also need help to spread the word everywhere and to everyone. We don't want to leave anyone who would be as passionate about the story of doonby.


You can start now with a post on Facebook, Twitter, or by Emailing our FaithLauncher link to all who would benefit from both the movie and the message, "One Life Does Matter."





"Yes." Exceeding the goal will allow us to show Doonby in more theaters and in more cities.



"No."  Only you and the Project Owner will be able to aware of the amount



"Yes." you can give from anywhere with a Credit Card or Paypal



All rewards will be shipped out as quickly as possible once the campaign ends. The DVD/Blue-Ray will be available in Jan 2014 (you'll be the first to own it). The HD Digital Download will be available when the film is released on November 1st.


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  • Winner of John's Guitar

    more than 4 years ago

    Well we’ve been extremely busy, going from premiere to premiere and working hard to get Doonby into as many cities as possible. But enough about us….

    Before announcing the name of the guitar giveaway I want to personally (on behalf of all the Doonby Team) thank all of those who participated in this giveaway, promoting our campaign and of course all who donated.

    The winner of John’s guitar is Michael Warren!

    Congrats Michael!! Someone from the Doonby team will be reaching out to you with further details.

    Big Thx to all our dearest fans!
    -Mike :)

    NOTE: once we have finished the final push for the Doonby release we’ll be focused on delivering the perks that everyone who donated is entitled to.

  • Thank You, Thank you!

    more than 4 years ago

    Hi Everyone, so sorry I haven’t posted an update in a while. We have all hands on deck for the big release of Doonby happening on Nov 1st. Check out the site: for more info.

    I/We haven’t forgotten about all our wonderful fans who supported this campaign. Once we are over the craziness of preparing for the big release we plan to put our energy in fulfilling those rewards that are currently available.

    Thx again!

    BTW: We’ve narrowed down the winner of John Schneider’s guitar. I’ll be posting another update in the near future to announce it officially!

  • Direct from John Schneider

    more than 4 years ago

    Hey everyone…we are getting closer to the $3K mark thanks to your help. John Schneider is excited about all your support as well. Check out his video update on our campaign page: and click on the “Updates” tab.

    Just so you know…John is also in a sort of pickle right now…you gotta check it out. You just might end up with being the personal owner of something that means a pretty big deal to John. :)

    Thanks for all your support. Don’t forget to Share and Tweet right now this link:

    -Mike :)

  • Music Artist Caitlin Jane Joins Us!

    more than 4 years ago

    We are very excited that Music Artist Caitlin Jane is joining in support of our “One Life Does Matter” project. Click on the “Updates” tab to see her video update:

    More and more are jumping on board. Lets get doonby into as many theaters as possible but we need YOUR help.
    Caitlin is giving away her newest album if you help to contribute. Check out the campaign page for all the details.

    -Mike :)

  • 2 Weeks Left

    more than 4 years ago

    Check out the latest “video update”. This one coming from Jenn Gotzon. Click on the “Updates” Tab:

    Thank you for helping us cross the $2K milestone. We have about 2 weeks left to go so we need to really need YOUR help. Encourage your friends to get involved; any amount really makes a difference in reaching our goal!

    Facebook and Tweet this link:

    Thx! :)

  • Great Progress!!

    almost 5 years ago

    Click on the “Updates” tab through this link to see our latest update:

    Help us by posting this link: on your Facebook and Twitter tonight. Lets cross $2K


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  • Mike    more than 4 years ago

    Super Big Thanks to our latest Supporters.

    Michael Warren and our Anonymous Supporter (you know who you are) for supporting our campaign! We’ll see you at the Premier!

    -Mike :)

  • Mike    almost 5 years ago

    Wow!!! It’s been a busy week but I didn’t want to forget to thank our latest supporters!! (some repeat supporters…you know who you are)…BIG THANKS!

    Melissa Bianco
    Angella McAllister
    Roberto Augusto Rangel Filho
    Dottie Hentrich
    Donna Baker
    Freeda Lapos Babson
    Mary Lou Tringali

    - We are almost at the $2K mark…please tell your friends; really any amount will help. Lets do this

    -Mike :)

  • Shiralee    almost 5 years ago

    You’re welcome. Best of Luck :)

  • Mike    almost 5 years ago

    “Thank You” to our first day Supporters for helping us get off to a solid start. Thanks to:
    Shiralee Johnson,
    Shelly Rader-Odell
    Sheri Strang
    Missy Cronk
    Marielle Buster
    Dave Woodruff
    Phyllis Hinkle
    Melissa Bianco
    Serena Travis

    —Keep spreading the word!
    Mike :)

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