Let's Bring a Faith Based Play to Broadway

A project by Kevin

A group of friends, lovable losers, buy a lottery ticket and win which destroys their friendship until they discover the real meaning of friendship!

Do you recall a time when mass media made room for people of  faith? In fact, I can recall when movies, plays and television shows depicted Christians as holding the keys to life’s problems.

When I fast forward to the present, we are now bombarded by mass media images of Christians as hypocrites, losers, or narrow minded bigots. We must take our proper place in producing works, publicly, that tell the truth about our rich Christian heritage and experiences. Our mass media shapes culture and morality and people of faith must be in the conversation!

That is why I believe God has called me and other like mined Christian artists to team up to form Kevin Davis Productions. Our goal is to produce contemporary, relevant, and entertaining plays, movies and TV programming that reflect our shared worldview. 

Our first production One In A Million was successfully produced in the heart of the NYC Theatre District last December. The play received both critical and popular acclaim! We are going to do an extended run of One In A Million this year.

My Story, Our Story 

We need your help in raising $20,000 for a week of showcase performances which will cover the bare essentials without the "bells and whistles." 

**If you help us raise $25K that will help pay for better costumes and scenery. 

**If you help us raise $30K we will be able to have better music, lighting, sound and  pay for media coverage 

We also  need your help sharing this across social media. Simply use the Facebook, Twitter, other buttons above to Share!

I have put together a great team with over 20 years experience in the arts and finance. I have fused my corporate finance background with my passion and experience in music and theatre. Technical director, Moises Vasquez, brings his extensive IT and production success to the company. Music Director, Foster Jackson, is one of the most creative arrangers/composers working in the industry today. Production Assistant, Rachel Cora has a knack for tying everything together. 

With this team and your support, and prayers we will help present Christ, creatively, to a whole new generation that is crying out for something to believe in.

Kevin is an African-American playwright, director, musician and composer. His musicals have been performed successfully since 2007. He wrote the book, lyrics, music and also directed these productions. He directs the Jazz band the JazzCatz. He has toured with the Grammy award winning Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir and has performed at Carnegie Hall and other music venues. As a former VP of corporate finance, he is as focused on ROI as the arts.

Moises Vasquez
He is the founder and President of Vas Records, a successful, independent, record label with 25 projects completed. He is a composer, arranger, sound engineer and IT specialist. Moises has guided the technical direction of over 1000 events. He has also composed for independent films and has worked over 10 years with post production house Ascent Media. Moises is responsible for all of the technical aspects of the show including lighting, sound and technology.

Foster Jackson
He is the VP of FIX music label and a producer, writer and musician.His label has produced such artists as 7 time Apollo winners DEEP, Jason Hendrickson and Newsoundz. As a musician, he has worked with several labels including RCA under Ron Mosely. He has recorded and arranged music for Melba Moore, Keith Barrow (Grammy nomination), the Temptations and over 20 more artists.

Rachel Cora
As an actor, Rachel has landed roles in films such as Disney's " National Treasure 2" and parts alongside such actors as Kelli Giddish in the Fox pilot "Past Life." She balances her love of acting with her ability to get things done.


“One In A million made me cry, laugh and think of the importance of
friendship and unity. Loved every minute and will recommend to everyone to
come. It is a must see!”
 - Margarita Luna

“The play is thrilling. It is exciting and absolutely engaging. An absolutely
amazing show!”
‐ Pastor Ronnie Leakey – Senior Pastor of Love Fellowship Church
Brooklyn NY

“The play was hysterical –made my stomach hurt from laughing so much –and
the music kept us dancing and singing for hours. It was entertaining and witty
and had a great message to send to all. I want to thank you not only for writing
it but inviting us.”
- Mike Acierno

“One In A Million will have you laughing your head off. Hold on to your seats
for a night of fun and a message that will bring you to tears.”
- Pastor 
H. Torres Senior 
Pastor of the Lighthouse Church, Greenpoint, NY

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