Searchlight Ministries

A project by Andrew Shaw

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Searchlight Ministries


Testify: We bring Biblical Truth and testimony to the everyday people.
People who struggle with life's hurts, and those who are bound by the chains of addiction. Taking Christ’s message to the streets of whatever town/city the Holy Spirit leads us, we humbly proclaim His sovereignty and guide people to His abundant grace. (Psalm 107:2-14)

Comfort: We seek to provide guidance and financial sponsorship to those who desire to enter a Christ centered recovery program or facility but are unable to afford the tuition. Further, we acknowledge that when a person finishes their term at a recovery center they are often returned to their home without guidance or direction.

It is our mission to provide an action plan, and discipleship so that they can be successful in their recovery post-rehab. (2 Cor 1:3-5)

Praise: Guided by the Holy Spirit, we connect people with the Father through reverent, worshipful song no matter what environment in which we are blessed to be immersed. In doing His work, our lives are our daily act of worship to the King. (Hebrews 13:15-16)

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  • Latoya Reid     more than 3 years ago

    Lord let your glory fall upon this project. May your will be established in this ministry in the name of Jesus.

  • Andrew Shaw     more than 3 years ago

    As time goes by, and I watch Searchlight grow, I am overwhelmed by God's abundant grace. I know that God is everywhere, but one of our biggest challenges as Christians is to learn to recognize His Kingdom when we see it. Last year, I was blessed to have been part of a recovery program where Christ and the Holy Spirit were tangibly evident every day and coming out of that, It's sometimes hard to stay connected with the Kingdom.

    I started this ministry with the God given task of bringing God's word to the streets and recovery centers across North Carolina. In less than two months I have seen walls come down in some of the hardest hearts there are. To those men, we are the Kingdom. For us, however, outside of the recovery center we are immersed in a world where God's power and grace is not always so obvious.

    Today, through the actions of a generous donor, I was reminded that God rewards those who act for the benefit of others in secret as in Matthew 6:4. In Luke Chapter 17, when Jesus is asked when the Kingdom of God would come, Jesus replies that the Kingdom is not something that can be observed.

    So I ask God to grant me the wisdom to see the reality of His Kingdom in the world around me with the eyes of faith. I ask to see the people who are working towards His goals and to serve along side them. I ask that He allow me to bring His Kingdom to the people and places around me that need Him most.

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