The Bakersfield Novel & Discover Victory Bible Study

A project by Leslie Davis

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Dear Friends,

Thank you for taking the time to consider giving to this ministry opportunity.  Ultimately, my goal is to get this first book of a series into the hands of women who are hungering to learn of the love, grace, and power of Christ. 

 Many women are struggling to find a way to study God’s word in a safe and inconspicuous manner (I know, it doesn’t seem possible in this Free America, however there are areas where oppression abounds).  This project includes a romance novel that mirrors many of our own struggles and an accompanying Bible Study, making it easy and unthreatening for readers to understand basic truths such as “you are Jesus’ beloved” and “Jesus can overcome your fears and hindrances”.  

Please enjoy the following book trailer.

 I have served in ministry in many different capacities since my husband’s first pastorate, but the place where my heart fits is counseling.  However, I see a group of people who are hungering for God’s word but cannot get it.  And I believe that this project will help fill that gap. 

My goal is to publish “The Bakersfield and Discover Victory” so that many women can discover the freedom that is theirs in Christ Jesus by experiencing it with the Chris, Elaine, and the other characters in the book.

The goal for this project is $8,500.  This amount will fund publishing and marketing costs.   Any funds over that amount will go toward the second book set in the series: “San Francisco Peaks” and “Discover Submission”.

For more information about me, The Flagstaff Series, or my counseling ministry (HeartCall Counseling) please visit

In Christ’s love,
Leslie Davis

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  • Regina Yoder    more than 3 years ago

    I love you! I'm so proud of you. God is doing great things through you. Gina

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