Door County People of Faith: Caring and Sharing

A project by Bruce Joffe

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Door County People of Faith: Caring and Sharing

Door County People of Faith is a new caring and sharing spiritual group of people who:

• are seeking to connect with others in a reverential environment that’s more spiritual than religious, organic than organizational, personal than institutional;

• believe that God is love, that grace is freely given not earned, and that each of us is wonderfully created in the image of the Sacred;

ask questions as, together, we grow in our faith;

support one another in becoming the unique individuals that God created us to be;

work collectively and individually for the greater good by being proactive in service, mission, compassion, and social justice;

care as much for others as we care for ourselves by giving all of our Sunday collections to 23 nonprofit lifeline/community support and welfare organizations serving the area;

• are more concerned about how we live here-and-now than the hereafter; 

• welcome the full inclusion and participation of all people in our lives regardless of age, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, socioeconomic status, family formation, language, or ethnicity.

We are people gathering together to seek and celebrate God in our lives.

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