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The power of crowd funding is collecting small donations from people who believe in the same cause, or the desire to see a project succeed that will be great for mankind. The great thing about crowd funding is you can get a reward and also feel great that you made a difference in a very small way.


Thanks for taking the time to be a part of history, you are now a HUGE part of transforming Christianity using technology making it relevant to the believer and attracting the non-believer. After 7 years of diligence we have completed 85% of the technology development to deliver the world it’s First Christian Social Network. ChristTube is excited that you will be a part of the mission, your donation helps us move closer to our goal to launch the first Christian Social Media site. We are excited that you will donate and partner with us to accomplish this mission, with your support we will be able to launch the site in March 2015.ALL supporters will be invited to attend the "LARGEST” Purple Carpet launch party with our A-List celebrity, entertainers and sports stars. This will be the largest Christian event weekend in the history of social media, which will be held in Las Vegas the last weekend of March.

Our Story

ChristTube was developed by a passion to advance the gospel of Jesus and connect Christians and future Christians using technology and social media. The founder of ChristTube has over 25 years in the field of technology, the vision to be build a social media platform for Christians began 7 years ago. The founder having a desire to level the playing field for all size churches, pastors, businesses and Christian brands having a platform to expand their messages started the mission.

 Social media has changed the way we operate and communicate in society, so now the church and the body of Christ will become relevant and have a global footprint for Christians to communicate and share their faith and love for Christ in a non-censored environment.

However, to complete the journey and share the vision we need "Youand your donation, while sharing this vision with others both online and offline. 

No matter how small the donation, as brothers and sisters in Christ you are counted as stakeholders in our mission to deliver the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a dying world. If you are unable to provide financial support, please pray and share the vision with both the SAVED and UNSAVED.    (Isaiah 55 2-3) 

Please support the ChristTube Vision

Our Core Values

ChristTube is positioned to be the first company to communicate the good news of the Gospel in seconds globally and deliver M.E.D.S. to a dying world.


We must use social media and technology to seek the lost and guide them to a place of refuge at where they will discover a brand that will provide an environment unlike other unclean social media outlets it will be free of negative ads, violence, sex and most of all censorship of Christ. Giving believers while attracting non-believers in an non-intrusive way to WIN them to Christ.

Our Vision

Our vision with is simply to create the first global social media platform that revolves around faith, God and Christianity. This will be an online home to future Christians and a place of refuge for those that need love, compassion and fellowship from others and around the globe.

Please take a look at our exciting rewards for your donations.  We are excited to offer GREAT rewards like t-shirts, hats and other customized advertising and branding opportunities. 

Our Goals 


“Pay it Forward” - Bless your church or Pastor for Christmas 


    • Large Equity Investments – [email protected]
    • Information –
    • All Media Inquiries [email protected]

If you do not see a reward that fits your needs, but still want to support us with a donation of any amount simply click on the "Become a Backer" link and give what you can.

***Within 24 hours you will receive a confirmation email with the details of your contribution. The email will also contain a link where you can find more information about

Thank You,

Adonis Adams, 



 Message from the Founder:

I would like to thank you on behalf of my team, family and other Christians around the world. The financial support, prayers and sharing of this message will allow us to take this vision and message globally.  As your CEO and Founder of ChristTube, I will always seek the Lord without compromise while holding the bible as my governing authority to lead this company and companies that will manifest from this vision.  

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    Hey brother...

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    Praise The Lord!

    This site is a great asset to The Body of Christ. I can't wait to see how it connect people to The Gospel of Jesus Christ and assists in the transformation of lives for the better.

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    Praise The Lord! Excited about this site.

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    good luck

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    A wonderful and needed endeavor!

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