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UPDATE:  GREAT NEWS! 2 months ago, just a couple of days after we posted this 2nd Faithlauncher, we were picked up by a production company that has funded new episodes and created interest from some of the major networks, so we decided not to ever promote this 2nd phase Faithlauncher. Sorry for the confusion, but stay tuned to for more updates.

We are ready for PHASE TWO of the launching of Red, White, Blue, & Green. RWBG is an entertaining message of hope for America as you follow the Green Family on their mission to restore an appreciation and passion for the principles that made America the greatest nation in the history of the world! Many of you backed us earlier this year in our first FaithLauncher project which allowed us to shoot the Pilot Season of 7 episodes, now available on DVD and streaming video. We have a network offer on the table, but will spend the next 60 days entertaining other offers and negotiating the deal that will give us the best opportunity to reach as many people as possible with this entertaining message of truth and hope!

We need YOUR help to do that! This second round of funding will allow our team design top notch sizzle reels and show pitch materials, travel during the network negotiation and pitch process, and begin pre-production on the first direct to broadcast season. In the new season, the family will respond to historical questions and travel the nation investigating those questions until they find the truth and share it with the audience. 

Green Family Presentation in Congress Hall
Green Family Presentation in Congress Hall

Rick Green is a former State Legislator, author, constitutional scholar, and nationally recognized speaker and radio host for David Barton's WallBuilders organization. Rick and his family are part of Liberty Alliance, one of the largest and most effective conservative media outlets. He and the Green kids speak to more than 100 audiences each year, often with crowds larger than 10,000 people. Their inspirational presentations about America's founding principles are helping to spark a revolution of interest in the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and America's founding fathers. More importantly, they give other families practical aspects for restoring principles of liberty in their own communities and states.

Episodes of Red, White, Blue, & Green give you a genuine, unfiltered behind-the-scenes look at how this family is working hard to do their part as citizens, while also balancing the same everyday challenges of a family in modern America. Each episode will take viewers to a unique location of American history seen through the eyes of the Green family as they investigate questions about historical events. Viewers will come alongside the family and learn lessons of liberty, while also witnessing the ups and downs, flaws and successes, and daily experiences of the family.

SNEAK PEAKS:  Contributors of $30 or more will receive immediate digital access to the complete Pilot Season of 7 episodes.  Additionally, everyone can get a sneak peak of the episodes filmed at David Barton's amazing library, Arlington Cemetery, and Patriot Academy by watching the following clips:


The Goal of This FaithLauncher Campaign:  The Pilot Season of Red, White, Blue, & Green has already been filmed and is now available via streaming video and a DVD box set. The family is currently in talks with multiple networks about carrying the program. Interest level is extremely positive, but the success of our efforts here on Faith Launcher will have a major impact on the program because they allow us to bring more to the table through filmed episodes, pre-production, etc. Funds from this 2nd phase of fundraising will be used over the next couple of months to pursue all possible network offers and choose the best one.

How Does FaithLauncher Work? Even if you are unable to donate, you can still help bring this project to life by spreading the word. Share on Facebook, send out emails, and find other ways to encourage your fellow patriots to support this effort to restore America's founding principles. And check out the new "referral link" where you can earn rewards simply by referring other backers.

Donating is easy and the rewards are many. This is not an "all or nothing" campaign. Whatever you donate will go to the project and help produce more episodes, regardless of how much we raise.

Here's how to donate:

1. First, click on the big "Become a Backer" link at the top left side of this page. Choose your pledge amount based on the reward that looks appealing to you. Enter your contact information, including an email address. We will need this information in order to give you your rewards. Then click "Continue."

2. Second, enter your credit card information, and after the campaign ends, we'll send you your reward. Again, this is completely secure.

In addition to having our gratitude and you knowing that you are helping to save our constitutional republic, there are a lot of GREAT rewards for the various levels of donations.


SHIPPING NOTE:  Rather than remind people to add S&H to their pledge, we just include it in the pledge amount.

EPISODE ONE IMMEDIATE ACCESS & FILM CRITIC INPUT:  For all backers of $25 or more, within 72 hours of making your pledge, you will receive an email giving you access to all 7 episodes of the Pilot Season and be given the opportunity to critique the episode, influencing future programs. For all backers of $40 or more, you will receive the digital access AND a DVD box set of the Pilot Season.

CONSTITUTION ALIVE! DVD PACKAGE:  For all backers of $125 or more, in addition to your box sets of the Pilot Seson, you will receive a copy of the Green family's collaboration with David Barton for the Constitution Class given in the very room where the Constitution was framed, Independence Hall, as well as teaching from David Barton in the amazing WallBuilders Library of original founding documents. This $250 value includes the entire course on 4 DVDs, an mp3 audio of the entire course, a CD of David Barton's presentation God & the Constitution, and both a DVD & CD of the fun, funny, & informative presentation Rick did with comedian Grad Stine - Defending the Constitution withOUT Shooting Someone. $15 S&H is added for a total pledge of $140 or more.

For details about Constitution Alive!, visit or watch this video: 

2ND AMENDMENT LOVERS' PACKAGE: For all backers of $250 or more, you will receive all rewards for $125 backers PLUS a signed copy of “Constitutional Defense of Your Family & Freedom” (follow the Green family through a handgun defense class with one of the nation’s top instructors; also includes a powerful presentation from Rick Green on the Second Amendment) and a copy of our book about the Second Amendment ($325 value). $15 S&H is added for a total pledge of $265 or more. For more information, watch this video:

For a preview of the Constitutional Defense DVD's, watch the video below:

SECOND AMENDMENT PRACTITIONERS:  (limit 20) Choose this $450 option to get all of the above rewards, PLUS UNBELIEVABLE BONUS – You’ll be invited to attend a handgun defense class with the Green Family. If you do not already have a membership to Front Sight, the world’s premier firearms training institute where the Green family trains regularly, you will receive a lifetime Ambassador membership free of charge so you can attend with the Green’s (value is well over $1,000).  

ATTEND THE PREMIERE: For all backers of $550 or more, you get all of the above, PLUS 2 tickets to attend premiere screening of select episodes with the family and producers at the historic Lynn Theater in Gonzales, Texas and a post screening event with the family and crew. $15 S&H is added for a total pledge of $550 or more. We expect to have this in December.


LIBERTY LIBRARY & ATTEND LIVE EVENTS: For $1,000 backers, you get all of the above, PLUS the full library of Green Family productions ($1,000 value – see below). Liberty Library includes all of the following: 2 box sets of the Pilot Season; 2 Constitution Alive DVD sets & workbooks, as well as the Brad Stine special with Rick Green; Collection of Live Presentations including Is America One Nation Under God, The Birth of Freedom, The Guardian of Liberty, Saving America Begins with YOU, Restoring America’s Constitution, National & Personal Exceptionalism, One Life to Give, and Freedom is Worth the Fight; The Legacy of President Ronald Reagan; Constitutional Defense of Your Family & Freedom; The Leader’s Edge; Living with Purpose; and Our American Story audiobook. $25 S&H is added for a total pledge of $1,025 or moreWatch the video below for more details.

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  • Anonymous   
    more than 3 years ago

    Thank You Lord for all You have done for and through the Green Family! I thank You Lord for their faithfulness! I thank You Lord that all of their needs are met and an abundance beside. (Psalm 34:8-10) Thank You Lord that they have favor in the TV negotiations and that their compensation exceeds their imagination. (Ephesians 3:20) You are so good Daddy! We thank You and we Praise You in Jesus name! Amen!

    • Daniel Chase McIlroy Daniel Chase McIlroy

    • 2014-12-23 11:46:18 -0800
    • Stuart Grover

    • 2014-11-26 18:03:23 -0800

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  • Stuart Grover    more than 3 years ago

    Good luck, hope you get onto a great network!

  • User
    Anonymous     more than 3 years ago

    I am currently in my third class watching Rick's Constitution DVD's through our church. I have learned so much and will continue to learn more. I am looking forward to seeing this video series. Thank you Rick Green!!

  • User
    Anonymous     more than 3 years ago

    I am currently in my third class watching Rick's Constitution DVD's through our church. I have learned so much and will continue to learn more. I am looking forward to seeing this video series. Thank you Rick Green!!

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