Launching a TK-12th Grade Christian School in San Clemente, CA

A project by Chris Smith

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A school is so much more than simply an institution for academic instruction.  A school is the foundation for the future of our kids.  As students matriculate through Elementary, Middle School, High School and College, character is developed, work ethics are formed, values are established and lessons are learned. It should be the goal of every educator to nurture, teach, and develop students who are confident to take on the complexities of our current time.  Whether they are in business, a professional practice, ministry or serving their communities, the character, ethics, values and life experiences that they learn as young students will serve as invaluable resources throughout their lives.

     The vision of San Clemente Christian School is to not only produce well educated and college ready students but also to create students who will make an impact in their homes, communities and work places while bringing glory to God.  SCCS believes that it is the role of the school to assist in developing the whole student.  We believe that each student possess his or her own skills, gifts and abilities.  As such, SCCS strives to develop the best of those qualities in each of their students and encourages a broad range of learning approaches in order to promote success academically, spiritually, physically, and relationally.

     We have been blessed to serve students and their families in our K-8th grade level for 30 years. In recent years, God has revealed a new plan for the future of our institution.  We are expanding, adding higher grade levels, new curriculum, innovative programs and developing higher expectations for the students and families who call SCCS home.  As part of our new future, God has given us a vision for a new building.  Our new facility will accommodate our substantial growth and allow us to plant new and deep roots within a community that we feel God has called us to serve.

     Join us on an exciting journey as we work toward opening the first Transitional Kindergarten though 12th Grade Private Christian School in San Clemente. We need the help of the entire community as we seek committed and gifted people to offer PRAYER, RESOURCES, GIFTS, TALENTS and DONATIONS toward our $2,000,000 start up goal. Compared to the startup of conventional private schools, this amount is minimal to serve Gods Kingdom in insurmountable ways!!!

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  • Chris Smith     almost 4 years ago
    Lord, we ask for your wisdom in every step of this undertaking!  Show us every how and why and what on this journey and lead each of person to get involved to the extent that you desire.  Let it change live, save souls, impact the world and bring glory to Your Name!  In Jesus Name we pray!

    Volunteers of just about every kind

    Posted almost 4 years ago
    In moving a school from one town to the next, applying for permits, fundraising, building improvements (from demolition to painting!), hauling trash away and the school supplies in, spreading the word in the community.  Lots of great opportunities to get involved for individuals, families and groups!
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    • Hossein Bozorgpour

    • 2014-12-06 15:42:28 -0800
    • Santino & Sophia Sparacino

    • 2014-11-26 15:18:16 -0800
    • Kent & Shirley Reigner

    • 2014-11-26 04:50:20 -0800
    • Adam & Kelly Ehrheart

    • 2014-11-21 14:02:16 -0800
    • Ali Nejad

    • 2014-11-19 14:01:26 -0800
    • Leily Magnuson

    • 2014-11-18 12:21:23 -0800

    • 2014-11-18 11:32:38 -0800
    • Harry Robinson

    • 2014-11-18 09:01:29 -0800

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  • User
    Anonymous     more than 3 years ago

    In His timing we trust in Him because God is good...all the time.

  • User
    Anonymous     more than 3 years ago

    In His timing we trust in Him. God is good...all the time.

  • User
    Anonymous     more than 3 years ago

    Breck & Piper Titus 's grandparents from Lancaster County, PA.

  • User
    Anonymous     more than 3 years ago

    Best Wishes for completion of your project!!!

  • Harry Robinson    more than 3 years ago

    I am excited to see how our great God will accomplish this incredible feat! I am excited to join you all in this amazing journey of faith!

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