The Wish - A Story of Hope, Faith, and Generosity

A project by Jeff Searcy

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Hello, my name is Ty Manns, Major, US Army, retired. Did you know that currently, more than 122,000 men, women and children are awaiting organ transplants in the United States?  Or that approximately 75,958 of those waiting are Multicultural Patients?  And nearly 40% of those currently awaiting kidney transplants are minorities, mostly African-Americans? Or, sadly nearly 18 people die each day while waiting for a lifesaving transplant.

 Why is this campaign important?

The above statistics speak volumes to why this campaign is important to me and I pray, equally important to each of you.  Every day, somewhere worldwide lives are lost and lives are saved, but sadly, within the multi-cultural and African-Americans ethnic groups, the chasm between registered donors and the need continues to widen.  But, with your help, with your commitment and passion, we can take gigantic steps towards creating a much needed shift in the paradigm. 

Why we need & what you get?

Funded and supported by Donate Life America, 4R Entertainment, in association with Servant Warrior® Ministries, has completed principle-production on THE WISH. The film has been edited and now is ready for its worldwide debut. Somewhere, someone will see their story in this film. Somewhere this film will inspire hope. Somewhere this film will inspire faith. Somewhere this film will inspire generosity.

Your commitment and thoughtful, tax deductible gifts allows us to increase the film's marketing reach into churches, schools and universities across the nation and increase the film festival entry numbers from 5 to nearly 40.  And, with your generous gifts, you will receive autographed copies of the DVD, pictures, the script and more. Finally, regardless if we reach our goal or not, 100% of the donated funds will go towards the film and our marketing efforts. 

The Impact of Your Support

The impact of your support  allows THE WISH to ENTERTAIN the viewing audience, REACH minority communities (specifically African-American, Hispanic & Multicultural communities), INFORM of the need for increased minority organ & tissue donors, EDUCATE the viewing audience regarding the facts vs the Myths organ & tissue donor registration, INSPIRE calls-to-action, specifically within the minority communities and CREATE a new generation of minority/multicultural organ & tissue donors. 

Risks & Challenges

Because principle-production is complete and the film is ready for marketing, the risk of your gifts are low.  The film is ready for release and we need your help.  With your help we will have the funds needed to market and supply THE WISH to a number of churches, schools and universities.   Our challenge is simple… if we can simply increase our marketing funds, we can print more copies of the DVD, expose the film to a wide range of family and faith-based film festivals and expand the marketing strategy into churches, schools and universities.

Other Ways You Can Help

Yes, we would love to have your financial donations and support, but most importantly we would love for you to visit and register to become organ & tissue donors, or contact your local transplant center to learn how to become a living donor. THE WISH is a film.  It will entertain, educate and inspire, but only you can help save lives by becoming a living donor, or a registered organ & tissue donor. Please visit to learn more about the film and how you can become a registered donor.

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