Help us Launch 12 Legions Ministries, A Ministry for Military Members

A project by Lisa Viles

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Help us Launch 12 Legions Ministries, A Ministry for Military Members
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Our Main focus is within our Military community, we want to provide Active and Non-Active members and their families with Spiritual wellbeing and Support; As well as our Non-Military (Civilian) community. We want to give our Service Members the sense of being at home, in a brotherhood, a sisterhood; to be able to build a unit at home by being in an environment that will understand your struggles, as for most of our Members have been there too. The hardest parts about the Military is going in and getting out. We want to be there to support you, guide you, help you and pray for you the whole way through. Whether you are religious, non-religious or just not sure, we are here for you!


12 Legions Ministries strives to be involved actively for our Military Members. Starting in Grand Prairie, Texas; we plan to branch out to other local areas near Military bases to provide both Active and Non-Active members a place of Worship that will understand the importance of feeling like you belong. Our Dream is to be able to eventually give our members;

·         Military Mission Teams

·         Military Prayer Teams

·         Military Youth Program (Providing our Military Youth with a fun, positive environment and help with studies, and a big sister/big brother program)

·         Military Support Group (Helping Soldiers and their families with any comforts where they need, assisting with job search/resume help, getting back into the Civilian lifestyle)

·         Military Spouse Support Group (Helping spouses and significant others go through deployments)

·         Community Outreach 

·         Soldier Relief Fundraisers – (Helping Soldiers in need with resources and fundraising to help with their wishes)

·         Care Packages to Deployed Units

 No matter where you are, you will always have a place to call, you will always have a voice to talk to. You will always have a place to feel welcomed, you will have a brother, a sister, a mentor that understands what life in the Military is all about.

We do not cater to just One Religion, but yet we recognize and respect the difference of All Religions and Spiritualties. Religion has been taken out of context throughout the Centuries and there are many different versions of belief. Whatever you believe, is your personal relationship with God; the Creator. Whatever you interpret through our Worship is between you and HIM.


We do not Judge.

We do not question.


We only give encouragement, spiritual guidance and hope

with support and open arms to you and your Family.

Help us Launch 12 Legions Ministires. So many Soldiers and their Families need your support!


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    Want to Volunteer?

    Posted almost 4 years ago
    12  Legions is looking for Volunteers, locally and Nationally! 

    We would like 50 Volunteers or more, to reach out to the Communities in your area! 

    Spread the word, get people involved! If you want to be a part of this and help us, please reach out! 

    0 of 50 pledges have been made for this volunteer request
    • Joe Meerman

    • 2014-11-14 11:12:18 -0800

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  • Joe Meerman    almost 4 years ago

    I am also involved in a Faithlauncher project that may be of some help you in the future. It's purpose is to raise final funding for our website luunch on 12/25/2014. Our site is (an informational site is live now) and has the features of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and more. Ministries can have their own pages with streaming video, ecommerce and more. Good luck with your project. Joe

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