Marketing Ministry Dedicated Exclusively To Local, Faith-based Nonprofit Organizations

A project by Mike Sparlin

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Marketing Ministry Dedicated Exclusively To Local, Faith-based Nonprofit Organizations
JUST CAUSE MARKETING is a faith-based marketing ministry that provides over 30 years of acquired branding, marketing and fund-raising experience and expertise to the scores of nonprofits doing great work in Joplin, Missouri and immediate area.  Since the devastating tornado that hit in May of 2011 many nonprofits have been overwhelmed in terms of resources and the ability to continue to providing the much-needed community assistance due to a rapid growth in charitable organizations within the community, excessive demands and poor economic conditions.  Funds raised and utilized by Just Cause Marketing will go to provide the basic marketing, promotional and fund-raising efforts necessary for these nonprofits to remain financially viable, focus better on their important missions and ministries, and continue to develop the networks of financial and volunteer resources they need to succeed.  A collaborative environment has developed in the community with the many organizations who now work closely together to ensure that all aspects of needs are addressed by one or many of the groups.  Just Cause Marketing will work to nurture and advance this cohesive spirit of service for the good of all those in the communities served.

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    This sounds like something I'd like to support.

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