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I am an employee of this wonderfull ministry organization Athletes in Action in the Netherlands. A country that has a decrease in Christianity for many years and we see churches getting empty quickly. Sportcommunities make a change in both churches as cities. Young christians step out in their own environment and play sports with non-believers. During these weekly activity, they share the gospel or a personal story. Afterwards we connect and build on relationships. The young christians learn how to life with God and step out what they stand for. The non-believers see some of Gods love through the athtletes and get interested. In the conversations between both, they grow in their identity, both Christians as non-(yet)-Christians. And because all the participants spent time with God, their desire for God grows.

It's my job to coach the young leaders of the sportcommunities. I learn them lessons of leadership and how to develop a growing community in both numbers as in personal relationships with God. For being a missionary, I'm depending on gifts. My wife and I are low on gifts for over a year now, but because of my wife's pregnancy, we decided to set a deadline. We need a structural amount of 1000 euros a month (or, for the next 6 months, 6000 euros in total). It's my desire and the desire of the leaders of the sportcommunities I coach, you'll help me out for the next six months and I can continue my awesome job! Thanks for considering (& sorry for the grammar mistakes)!

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  • Jaap van Niejenhuis     almost 4 years ago
    please pray for a solution in our financial situation and a blessing over our pregnancy!

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    Anonymous     almost 4 years ago

    Nog een beetje te gaan :-)

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