Faith Fueled Racing

A project by Paul Bryant

We compete in club level racing with the good news of Jesus at the core., outreach, Mens, Sport, faith, Evangilism, UK

The Team is an outward demonstration of the faith that the team and their members have. 
The team have also aligned themselves with several Christian organisations with the aim of furthering the reach of the Gospel message to men and groups of men who may otherwise never be in contact with men of faith

Our aim is to compete within club level racing and race with the good news of Jesus at the core.
We will provide outreach opportunity for Christian men's groups from all denominations.
Paul has spoken at a number of Christian events to give testimony of the love of Jesus and the out working of that in his  life.
In 2014 we have hosted several Men's groups at our race meetings and opened up many faith conversations

We run our team to a tight budget and currently is almost entirely self funded.
We are looking to fund the entry fees for the 2015 race season so that we can actively engage with Men's ministry groups to arrange their evangelistic outreach further in advance

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  • Anonymous   
    more than 3 years ago

    Paul,Lindsey,Martha,Nahum and Issac and Hazel (chocolate lab)

    Prayers are with you all as you start another season especially for Paul as he races that God will keep him safe and accident free. For Lindsey as she manages the team and the mechanics of the bike and for Martha, Nahum and Issac as they face exams during a busy race period. Hazel for being there with a wagging tail and cute eyes no matter what happens on track.. AMEN 

  • Paul Bryant     almost 4 years ago
    Lord Jesus we pray that this outreach ministry is blessed by you, holding your good news at the centre we pray that many men may hear of the salvation that only you can bring. 
    We pray that this ministry is put on the heart of other and that they support as they feel able,
    We pray this in your precious name, Amen

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  • Michael Jones    more than 3 years ago

    Good luck Paul - hope you reach your target!

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