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On FaithLauncher, anyone with a faith inspired idea can launch a project to raise money quickly and securely. Our trusted platform delivers funds to a wide range of campaigns whether they hit their goal or not. Find valuable tips below and remember: this is not just about raising funds but about engaging supporters and building a community.

1. Create A Project

People love that they can create a crowdfunding page in three easy steps. Some have done it in 5 minutes with their project details and video ready to go. Whatever you do, have fun making it your own. Clarity and care drives donor enthusiasm.

2. Rally the Crowd

Make your community, friends and family, and social network aware, as far in advance as possible. Sending advanced emails, tweets, texts, posts, and whatever they’re most responsive to, has proven invaluable to every campaign.

3. Get Coaching

Not everyone needs it, but if you feel like you're lost in the woods, feel free to email us and we’ll help you get your campaign up and running.

4. Promote

Be active! Your crowdfunding project will not fund itself. It needs you to love it every day or it will die. Before you begin, think about how you’re going keep people talking, visiting your page, and feeling your passion -- and they’ll share with their networks too.

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Just like fresh air, launching a new project is FREE. It is the same FREE you and I are thinking about.


You keep 90% of the money raised for the project.

We keep 7% so that we can continue to work hard to support FaithLauncher projects. The rest is the payment processor's fee which ranges around 3%. More details below in the FAQ section.
All features on the site will be made available to you which includes Prayer/Volunteer Request, Pledge Offers and many more other feature coming soon down the pipeline.
All new projects will benefit from FaithLauncher's Crowdfunding Coaching. We want you to succeed so we take the time to review every project carefully, and provide you detailed recommendations on how best to structure and market your campaign. We offer you free crowdfunding consulting!
We promote project through our various social networking efforts to a targeted Christian audience. Put the time and effort to present your project in the best possible light and you'll be gain access to additional exposure.


We are 100% committed to ensure the best possible result for your project. Your faith will be best served. We promise to keep our ears open and our hearts wide for your feedback on improving our services.

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Get Extra Help

You Can Also Buy Individual Services

Project Write Up
Put off by writing and editing? No problem! FaithLauncher’s team of professional writers and editors will transform your project pitch into a compelling story. They will also develop an engaging rewards structure to help boost participation.


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Video Pitch Editing
Have a few video shots but need help putting it all together so it looks crisp and professional? Have your video professionally edited and save yourself the learning curve!


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Successful campaigns have a sizable engaged audience. Don't have one? No worries; we can build you a Twitter presence of targeted followers that are interested in your topic. Having a targeted and highly engaged audience increases your chances of success!


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Press Release
Our professional writers help by drafting, editing, and positioning one press release to bring further potential visibility to your campaign. We'll even provide you the full list of Christian media outlets where your press release was distributed to so you can follow up as needed.


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Blogger Outreach
It sure helps to have friends within the Blogger community for extra exposure. We do the leg work of finding/pitching your story to targeted outlets that could get you invaluable added traffic. Some of these are media partners who have already taken an interest in our projects and content!


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Full Campaign Management

Don't have the time or the know how to properly manage and promote your campaign? No problem, we can manage it from start to finish. Not all projects are eligible. To have your project assessed and for a custom quote email us at [email protected]


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