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On FaithLauncher anyone with a faith inspired idea can launch a project to raise money quickly and securely. Our trusted platform has already helped to deliver funds to others just like you. Remember, this is not just about raising funds, but about engaging supporters and building a community.

Simply click on "Launch" below to submit your project. When filling out your project remember that this will be your opportunity to pitch your idea to the crowd; therefore put your best foot forward in how you present it. A simple formula to remember is answering the 4 Ws: Who, What, Where and Why (have peace in mind that you'll always keep 100% ownership), and once you are ready simply submit it to get published. We are committed to our mission, so we take the time to review every project that is submitted before it's published to ensure that it's based on Christian values and has been positioned well to succeed.

You can expect to receive a response within 48 hours from a FaithLauncher team member. Once it's been approved, your project will be published and you will receive an email notification letting you know.

On FaithLauncher whatever you raise you will keep; it's not an all or nothing deal. We want you to start using what ever you are able to raise to keep refining your idea. After all, this is part of the journey. The neat thing is that it’s FREE to launch and if you need some extra help you can opt to purchase individual services to boost your chances of success.

Therefore, no more wishful thinking, become a Faithdoer and start the launch process today.

It's simple. Lets get things ready to Launch!

Ready to Launch

To create a new project, click Launch

We have simplified our pricing structure for your convenience.

*Previously created project will continue the same pricing plan it was submitted upon.


Just like fresh air, launching a new project is FREE. It is the same FREE you and I are thinking about.


You keep 90% of the money raised for the project.

We keep 7% so that we can continue to work hard to support FaithLauncher projects. The rest is the payment processor's fee which ranges around 3%. More details below in the FAQ section.
All features on the site will be made available to you which includes Prayer/Volunteer Request, Pledge Offers and many more other feature coming soon down the pipeline.
All new projects will benefit from FaithLauncher's Crowdfunding Coaching. We want you to succeed so we take the time to review every project carefully, and provide you detailed recommendations on how best to structure and market your campaign. We offer you free crowdfunding consulting!
We will also promote your project through our various social networking efforts to a targeted Christian audience. This will broaden your reach and provide you additional exposure. For example, on Twitter alone we have 16K engaged Christian followers who could potentially become contributors or loyal fans


We are 100% committed to ensure the best possible result for your project. Your faith will be best served. We promise to keep our ears open and our hearts wide for your feedback on improving our services.

To create a new project, click Launch

Get Extra Help

You Can Also Buy Individual Services

Project Write Up
Start now
Put off by writing and editing? No problem! FaithLauncher’s team of professional writers and editors will transform your project pitch into a compelling story. They will also develop an engaging rewards structure to help boost participation.
Video Pitch Editing
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Have a few video shots but need help putting it all together so it looks crisp and professional? Have your video professionally edited and save yourself the learning curve!
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Successful campaigns have a sizable engaged audience. Don't have one? No worries; we can build you a Twitter presence of targeted followers that are interested in your topic. Having a targeted and highly engaged audience increases your chances of success!
Press Release
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Our professional writers help by drafting, editing, and positioning one press release to bring further potential visibility to your campaign. We'll even provide you the full list of Christian media outlets where your press release was distributed to so you can follow up as needed.
Blogger Outreach
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It sure helps to have friends within the Blogger community for extra exposure. We do the leg work of finding/pitching your story to targeted outlets that could get you invaluable added traffic. Some of these are media partners who have already taken an interest in our projects and content!
Full Video Pitch
Start now
The pitch video is one of the most important parts of any project. Why leave it to chance? Have your video professionally produced and edited to ensure it has the highest level of impact possible. Note: inquire as to which locations we serve.
Full Campaign Management
Don't have the time or the know how to properly manage and promote your campaign? No problem, we can manage it from start to finish. Not all projects are eligible. To have your project assessed and for a custom quote email us at


What is FaithLauncher?

FaithLauncher is the crowdfunding platform for faith-based projects. We support Christian Filmmakers, Musicians, Artists, Entertainers, Authors, Ministry Leaders, Entrepreneurs and many others. Faith based projects can now bring awareness to others with similar values to help them raise the funds they need to get their project off the ground.

What is FaithLauncher really all about?

Our dream was and is to create an online community where Christians can gather to support their ideas; each giving what they could. We believe that when we foster the talents God has given us we can do greater things together than what we can do when we act alone.

“It’s better to have a partner than go it alone. Share the work, share the wealth. And if one falls down, the other helps, But if there’s no one to help, tough!” Eccles 4:9-10 (MSG)

How does FaithLauncher work?

You can build your campaign and submit it for “final review and publishing.” Every campaign on FaithLauncher goes through a vetting process where we’ll either publish it or send you recommendations for how you can better position your campaign for success. We pride ourselves in providing Coaching support. Once your campaign is “Live” you can then share it with your friends, engage others, and collect contributions. We also actively promote projects through our social media channels, blog and partner network. Therefore take the time to present your campaign in the best possible light to increase your odds of benefiting from some extra exposure.

Why was FaithLauncher created?

We started FaithLauncher to enable any Christian to take their passions from simply being an idea to it becoming a reality all while helping to spread the message of Christ thru their creativity.

What do you mean by faith based?

FaithLauncher provides a platform to raise funds for any Christian inspired project.

Who can use FaithLauncher?

Regardless of whom you are or where you live, you can fund your project on FaithLauncher if it promotes, has a theme or beneficiaries of the Christian community.

How much does it cost to create a Project?

It’s FREE to start a project. If you do raise funds you keep 90% of the money raised. If you don’t raise anything (knock on wood!) then you don’t incur a cost.

We keep 7% so that we can continue working hard to support FaithLauncher projects. The rest is the payment-processing fee, which ranges between 3% - 4%.

For U.S projects, funds are processed by WePay and their fee is 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.

For International projects, funds are processed through Paypal and their fee is 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. (Note: they sometimes also have currency exchange fee.)

Check out our Launch page to see the added value you'll receive by launching with us.

How is FaithLauncher different from other crowdfunding sites?

FaithLauncher is focused on helping Christians have a successful launch experience and facilitating more targeted exposure. We do this by taking a more relational approach by offering you Coaching support. You can take advantage of our consultative expertise for free. Who is doing that? Exactly!!

We also provide you more ways to engage your supporter. They can help by contributing, praying, spreading the word and even offering to volunteer.

There is no wondering what type of audience you’ll be attracting to your campaign on our platform. Those that follow us and come to our site are those that believe in the values that we share; this targeted exposure can only increase your chances of success.

Plus, on FaithLauncher you won’t have to panic about putting in all that work and worrying about not receiving anything at the end if you happen to fall a bit short. Here you will keep what you raise.

Do I need to offer Rewards/Incentives to get funding?

You don’t have to provide rewards/incentives BUT experience has told us that those project that tend to reach their funding goal are those that offer some form of reward. We HIGHLY recommend you do as well and sometimes it doesn’t even have be tangible items; get creative!!

What is a Volunteer Request?

You’ll give your Supporters another way to engage and participate. A volunteer request is a call for Volunteers. You want to answer the question, “How else can people help your project.” Volunteer requests is the answer. Post it and give Supporters an opportunity to invest their time, effort, skill set and talent. Need help with something; request it. Only Project Creators can create volunteer requests.

I have no idea how to best put my Project together; can you help?

Sure thing. We don’t want to leave you hanging. Many have heard of crowdfunding but very few know how to do it well. We can equip you with all the tools so you can be best positioned for success. So, don’t leave your project to chance, we are here to guide you through the process. Get started and launch away.

How long can I keep my Project open?

A maximum of 90 days

What if I don’t have a video clip?

If you have a mobile phone; chances are you know how to shoot a video clip. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Focus on being engaging and telling your story as succinctly as possible. Here is a great guide to help you: A greate video steals the crowd.

Can a project be edited after launching?

Yes, you can edit the following content after launching:

  • Project description
  • Video and image
  • Rewards (add new ones or edit those not yet supported)
  • Your profile
  • Project FAQs

The only things that cannot be edited after launch are:

  • The funding goal
  • The project deadline
  • Rewards that have already been selected by a supporter

Why doesn't the number of supporters to my project match the number who have selected rewards?

Supporters have the option to not receive a reward at all. Some of your supporters likely have chosen this option.

How do I collect money for my Project?

For projects based out of the U.S. supporters can donate via their bank account, or by using a credit/debit card. For international projects supporters can donate via Paypal or by using their credit/debit card.

When do I receive my funds and how does it work?

U.S projects: you'll receive your funds immediately once someone donates.  You'll want to make sure that you’ve completed your account set up on WePay so you can transfer those funds into your bank account. We’ll walk you through the steps as you begin the launch process. The amount of money disbursed will be the amount you raise, less our service fee and what WePay charges.

International projects: once your project ends we will send you the funds raised via PayPal within 48hrs. You will need an account to access those funds. The amount of money disbursed will be the amount you raise, less our service fee and what PayPal charges. Keep in mind that there might also be currency exchange with PayPal fees that may apply.

What do I receive as a Supporter for contributing to a Project?

Some project owners may offer unique rewards/incentives as a thank you for supporting them. Each project owner decides what to give away. We’ve seen that those who do offer incentives have a higher likelihood of reaching their funding goal.

What happens after I contribute towards a Project?

You will receive a confirmation email with the details on your contribution. Once the campaign ends the project owner will get in touch with you individually to coordinate the receipt of your reward if you are entitled to one.

Are contributions final?

Yes, its going to a good cause.

Where does the money go if the funding goal isn’t reached?

The campaign owners keep the money they raise. If you are unclear as to how those funds will be used, you can contact them directly by posting a note in the "comments" section of their campaign page.  We believe that even a little funding can help them in their pursuit of getting their idea off the ground.

If I want to support an international project but I don’t want to contribute using PayPal, what do I do? Can I still contribute?

The answer is Yes. To support international projects a Paypal account is “not” required. Paypal is simply our payments processor for international projects.

You can actually donate with your credit or debit card as a Guest on PayPal (no PayPal account required!). When you get to the payment page you will see an option to pay as Guest, click there and you'll be able to donate with your credit or debit card.

Are contributions that I make tax-deductible?

If the project owner is a 501c-3 nonprofit, the sponsorship can be tax-deductible. But talk to your tax person; they are the experts. That’s as much as we know.

What if I represent a Church or a Charity?

Great; welcome! Any faith based charity organization can use FaithLauncher as well to engage others to help you raise the funds you need. If you need help on how to structure your project, just send us note. We are here to help.

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